Major Depression – What You-Need-To Know Guide

Today major depression has become uncontrollable in our society. Hundreds and thousands of people are on anti-depressants and are constantly seeking professional help to alleviate their suffering. In addition millions more are on alternative healing remedies such as St. Jones growth or amino acids. Do these medications really help? What can be done to feel better when major depression comes about? The answer is evidently not simple, and every person must be assisted in at a personal level. However, whether you are seeking help or not, whether you are using remedies or not, the single most important thing to keep in mind is this: the experience of major depression should be seen as not you.

It is very important to understand there is you and there is depression. The two are not the same. By simply realizing this deeply is one way to help cure depression. First begin by being aware with depression as if it were a like another person living in your head. Notice it. I am sure it feels like it just takes you over, so start exploring that feeling. In other words, begin to add a little distance from the depression. Start to think of it and you. You are a human being; you are not depression you are not your feelings and emotions. You must understand that feelings and emotions move through whom and what you are, but they are not you. Beneath the feeling of depression, there is what could be called you: you’re self. However you identify yourself, do not define yourself under the sphere of depression. You have to get your self-definition from your full self, the wholeness of what you are. On the other hand, if you do have that label of depressions on your self, do not take it so literally. Do not take it seriously. Instead, see it as a label.

This un-labeling, to whatever extent it can be done, will offer some space on any form of major depression. After that, you will be able to see if there is something else there. Major depression is usually a layer over another feeling. You can find out if that is true in your case. Is there another feeling you were avoiding? Are you angry under the depression? Sad? Ask yourself this question; you will begin to heal depression because your sense of self definition will not be so caught up in it. When you gain your sense of self from all aspects of your character, not just the one feeling of depression, you will have a better ability to feel at peace. When you get down to inner work like the above as well as seeking professional help you will truly be helping yourself cure depression.